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Zoe Saldana became a planetary star thanks to his participation in two giant franchises such as Marvel Cinematic Universe AND Avatarsbut in 2003 he also took part in the first chapter of what would become a beloved saga: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Not once, Zoe Saldana expressed some bitterness about the experience (HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS), so much so that years later he even received a personal apology from the producer Pirates of the Caribbean Jerry Bruckheimer.

Zoe Saldanha is back to talk about the first Pirates of the Caribbean in a BuzzFeed video in which she continues to express her appreciation for “final product” however, emphasizing her happiness that she didn’t have to go back to Anamaria’s interpretation, and repeating an experience she didn’t think was needed for an encore:

What a beautiful film. Really funny and exciting, filmed very well, with great performance. The cast was indeed very diverse. People of all ages, with different life experiences, but difficult production. He was so big! It was too big a car for me and a bit out of control. But I am very proud of what you see on the screen. However, I never again want to deal with such difficulties in order to arrive at the same result.

Then he adds:

I was only asked to star in one of the films, and that’s it. Perhaps they chose a different path. If that was really the intention in the beginning, I’m glad I didn’t have to participate again. There were a lot of issues that I had to deal with, I felt very lost and insignificant in this big production machine. But I’m happy for all the actors who have benefited from this film. For many of them, it was just that, and they became actors with extraordinary careers. I followed their career path and felt really inspired. But for me it was definitely not an experience worth repeating.

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