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Theoretically, there are two films of Pirates of the Caribbean That Jerry Bruckheimer is developing with Disney, one that will be an “ensemble story” and one with Margot Robbie that will be planned later. Orlando Bloom has already made it very clear that he wants to play Will Turner again (HERE ARE THE DETAILS), but there are no indications of any kind on Johnny Depp.

Some weeks ago, Jerry Bruckheimer had explained that to review Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in a new Pirates of the Caribbean basically, you have to ask Disney:

You have to ask them, I can’t answer. I don’t know, I would love to have him back in the movie. He’s a friend, an incredible actor and it’s a shame that personal life has to creep into everything we do.

The producer, who is in the running for the Oscars with Top Gun: Maverick also in the Best Picture category (it is the first nomination in Bruckheimer’s decades-long career), he again spoke of Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp illustrating why you want him back as the iconic Jack Sparrow:

He’s so good at what he does and actors usually bounce back from things like that (he’s talking, of course, about the long legal affair that saw him pitted against Amber Heard and which ended with an agreement after the latter was convicted to pay a total of 15 million dollars for defamation, ed.). He is a good and caring person. He is someone you can rely on and he is extraordinary. Johnny is a true friend and an extraordinary artist and, I repeat, things also happen in his life that you don’t want to experience, but he is still an enormously talented artist.

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