Pirates of the Caribbean: New Movie Announced! The fans are going crazy, that’s the way it will be

In recent days, the hearts of fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean” have been shaken by the news that Craig Mazin, the genius of the drama series “Chernobyl”, has found the lost anchor for the new chapter of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga! It’s been four long years since we learned that Mazin, known for his ability to make people laugh and think, dropped anchor to embark on an adventure on Disney’s seas.

After a long silence, it seems that his ambitious project is finally taking shape. In an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times, Mazin shed light on his extraordinary collaboration with Ted Elliott, master of The Curse of the Black Pearl and the three subsequent chapters. Together, they pitched their bold concept to Disney, convinced that the entertainment giant couldn’t resist such an extremely bizarre story. Instead, they stunned the world: Disney gave the green light! But, as in a privateer’s fairy tale, there was a hitch. A sudden blow overshadowed their adventure, leaving everyone waiting for the next chapter.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: where are we now?

Pirates of the Caribbean’s vast cinematic sky is filled with storms and glittering promises. Two projects have caught the attention of those who sail these waters: an epic “ensemble” film that chronicles the exploits of the original’s protagonists, and a spin-off spearheaded by the talented Margot Robbie. But what fate awaits these projects?

The priority is clear: the ensemble film will lead the fleet to rediscover the hidden treasures of pirate adventures. Jerry Bruckheimer, the magical producer who took the saga to new heights, recently revealed some juicy details to The Wrap. However, as with the dice game at the captain’s table, the mystery remains: in December 2022, Bruckheimer announced that two scripts were being developed at the same time, while the Margot Robbie script appears to still be under consideration. Will it be the calm before the storm? Pirates of the Caribbean fans will have to wait even longer to unravel the bewitching mystery behind these crossover sagas.

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