“Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl”: the first chapter of the saga was released twenty years ago

, I don’t know if this is madness or genius.

– It’s unbelievable how well these two traits coincide.

Madness or genius: in front of the reflection of Will Turner, the same creator Pirates of the Caribbean They must have almost bet on the former.

thoughts of Build a movie from scratch with a cross-media product —precisely one of the Disneyland theme park attractions built in the sixties—didn’t seem destined for success. to the extent that the producers decided to add a sub headline Only at the end of the work, do not count on the possibility of creating a sequel.

Still in 2003 movie Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl (original title Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) achieved incredible success among critics and audiences, earning 5 Oscar nominations and more 650 thousand dollars, which resulted in becoming the fourth highest grossing film of all time.

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gore verbinski so he signed first chapter of a saga that has conquered the world, from adults to children, with a brilliant and engaging story built around a single triangle formed by Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner.

little curiosity: the surnames of the three heroes of Pirates of the Caribbean they are inspired by the world of all birds, sparrows In English it means “sparrow”, the swans Without the final double n it means “swan”, while William Turner was a noted ornithologist.

curse of the first moon – Summary (from comingsoon.it)

will turner secretly loves elizabeth, a girl who saved him from certain death at sea eight years earlier. girl, even if forced to marry the Commodore james norrington ,Jake Davenport), has a very deep feeling for the young man turner,

However, the young woman hides a secret from him: after rescuing him from a shipwreck, she stole a mysterious medallion from him, fearing that her father might mistake him for a pirate and sentence him to death.

On the day of his official investiture, norrington is proposed elizabeth to marry her but she falls unconscious into the sea from a great height. Luckily, the girl was saved by the pirates sparrowsThe one who came to the village to buy the ship.

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The impact in the water inadvertently activates the pirate medallion the girl wears around her neck, summoning the crew of the Black Pearl and the ruthless captain. hector barbosa ,Geoffrey Rush, when pirates kidnap elizabethConvinced He’s Finally Found A Heir To “Sputafuoko” bill turner, Desire And Jack They team up to capture the pirates.

Meanwhile, the girl learns that the medallion is part of a treasure from the time of the massacre committed by Cortés in 1521. Each coin has been cursed so that anyone who comes into possession of booty violently stolen from native Aztecs will be forced to replace each coin. full moon inside died,

to break the curse, Barbosa he needs blood turner but he doesn’t know it sparrows is on his way, determined to avenge the mutiny that cost him the lives of the ship and crew. as the two meet and collide with the Commodore Black Pearl norrington seeks to track down and punish the pirates, but overlooks the fact that some of them are now allies…

perfect recipe

,This is the day you’ll all remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!,

Initially conceived as a secondary character, Captain Jack Sparrow He became one of Johnny Depp, who surprised the crew and the rest of the cast by making several changes to his pirate look and modeling it with a modern rock tone inspired by the Rolling Stones’ guitarist. Keith Richards and for the character’s point of view Looney Tunes, pepe the skunk,

hard to fix Captain Jack in one definition. He is an anti-hero, fierce but at the same time comical. The cold and subtle gaze, the mysterious smile, the handshake and a dangling move of his own: a pirate devoted to rum, women and raids. Sly, calculating and cynically egotistical, but also loyal and charming. A pirate-gentlemanIn short.

Possibly Johnny Depp’s most successful alter ego combines talent and charm Keira Knightleyin the role of a determined and fearless dreamer, too tight in her corset and her aristocratic waist, and Orlando Bloom Joe plays Elizabeth’s courageous and loyal boyfriend who turns out to be a pirate’s son.

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Story adapted for the screen ted elliot And Terry Rossio (The animation veteran is already responsible shrek, treasure Planet) is a successful combination of Pirate epic and gleaming ironyWith a top-notch action component, inspired dialogues and a story that, though a bit naive, is absolutely engaging.

In Pirates of the Caribbean The fantastic element joins the adventure vein of classic cloak and Dagger building a story that continues to succeed 20 years after its release The first film was playfully scary for little kids and full of lighthearted entertainment for adults.

Fascinating special effects and thrilling sword fights, stories of love and revenge, but also daring ambushes and original gags. result is a focus rhythm and passion,

Icing on the Gold: Unique song music signed by Claus Badelt And Hans Zimmerbetween which is the iconic tune he is to piratewhich has become one of the most famous original soundtrack pieces in history.

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