Pitch perfect, Rebel Wilson under contract couldn’t lose weight

Rebel Wilson played Amy in Pitch Perfect and said her contract stipulated that she could not lose significant weight.

Rebel Wilson told a background of his involvement in Pitch perfecta musical film that allowed her to expand her notoriety on the big screen, but at the same time would have prevented her from lose weight. She the actress confessed that, by contract, she could not lose significant weight as long as she played Amy.

Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson: ‘I couldn’t lose weight’

The first film of Pitch perfect arrived in theaters in 2012 with a crackling cast, composed not only by Rebel Wilson but also by Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, Anna Camp And Brittany Snow. And he liked it so much that it deserves a sequelalso produced and interpreted by Elizabeth Banks and released in 2015, and a third movie in 2017 which also involved Hailee Steinfeld. In fact, the first film was a box office success grossing $115 million worldwide. The plot revolves around a young freshman who reluctantly joins the university choir. Podcast host Call Her DaddyAmy’s interpreter said that the contract signed for Pitch Perfect prevented her from losing weight.

I waited until Pitch Perfect felt like it was over. I couldn’t lose a huge amount of weight because it was in the contract for those movies. I couldn’t lose more than 5 kg or gain more than 5. They told me I had to maintain that weight because it was in the contract. Then I thought I wanted to improve my health. I had become a stereotype of playing the fun fat friend, which is tough because I love those roles. I love playing them and I love those characters. But I also wanted to do more, different things, and it seemed to me that being the big girl was just another way of being pigeonholed.

During the interview, Rebel Wilson admitted that she had a lot of fun playing Amy in Pitch Perfect and having formed quite a bond with his co-stars. The actress’s weight loss began just before the age of 40. Her greatest desire was to become mom and recently welcomed her first baby into the family through a surrogate mother.

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