Piura registers 48 elderly deaths from pneumonia


So far this year, Piura has registered 1,410 cases of pneumonia in children under 5 and 48 deaths in the elderly, the Ministry of Health reported through the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Disease Control.

According to the National Epidemiological Prevention and Disease Control Center (MINSA) of the Ministry of Health, so far this year, Piura has reported 1,410 cases of pneumonia in children under 5 years old, with an incidence rate of 8.8% of cases per 100,000 inhabitants; in addition , and four children died.

Likewise, the highest proportion of pneumonia cases were reported among people aged 60 and over, with 1,666 cases reported in this age group. At least 48 people from that group have died.


Julio Barrena Dioses, secretary of the Faculty of Medicine of Piura, reported that these numbers could increase in the coming months due to the arrival of El Niño and changes in temperature.

He said that due to the rainy season in March and April, there was a slight increase in pneumonia cases among children under 5 years old compared to other years.

In recent years, there has been an increase in reported cases of pneumonia among children under the age of five compared with other years. Since we are in the rainy season there has been an increase in numbers but no increase has been reported in recent weeks.Ojay said.

Experts recommend taking all necessary precautions and keeping the elderly and children out of reach, as they are the most vulnerable. Additionally, he noted the importance of pneumococcal vaccination to avoid complications.

First, you must be vaccinated, children need the various types of pneumonia vaccines, and adults need the flu vaccine. Ventilated environments, smoke in the home and, most importantly, contact with people with respiratory illnesses should be avoided.It is necessary to wear a mask to prevent the spread of microbes because the spread of this virus is through direct contact between peopleThe doctor insisted.

Given the low vaccination coverage for children under five, health experts say the District Health Directorate (Diresa) must launch a strong campaign and follow-up targeting children and the elderly, who are more likely to get sick and contract the coronavirus. Virus.

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