Placido Domingo is hospitalized in a hospital in Acapulco by coronaviruses: your state of health is stable


The Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo is stable after give positive COVID-19 in a hospital in Acapulco, a coastal city in the southern mexicanconfirmed this Saturday to Efe the spokesperson’s official singer.

“His condition is stable and will remain in the hospital as much as the doctors deem it necessary up to an expected full recovery”, wrote the spokesman in an e-mail, without giving further details or specifying the clinic where it is located.

The tenor from madrid (1941) announced from last Sunday through their social networks had a positive COVID-19 after taking the test by symptoms such as cough and fever, although he also clarified that he “enjoys good health”.

“I feel it is my moral duty to announce that I have tested positive for COVID-19. Next to my family I am in isolation for as long as is necessary”wrote the musician in a publication that shared in your profile of Facebook.

The Spanish tenor told them that they began to feel ill health, as he had a fever and a cough, two of the characteristic symptoms of this disease; therefore, he went to the doctor to perform the test. “Currently we are all in good health, but I experienced fever and cough, so I decided to get tested and the result has been positive”.

In his message on the social networks the artist is also asked to follow the basic rules of hygiene recommended. “I implore all of you to be extremely careful, follow the basic rules such as washing hands frequently, stay at least two meters away from the others, doing everything you can to stop the spread of the virus and above all, staying home if possible”.

Well, wanted to send a message of encouragement to all who are concerned by the pandemic coronavirus. “Together we can fight this virus and to stop the current global crisis, so as to be able to go back to our normal daily life as soon as possible. Follow the guidelines and regulations of your local government to keep you safe and to protect not only themselves but to our entire community,” he said.

The tenor of world renown are located away from the scenarios by allegations of sexual harassment. One of the victims, who gave his testimony, was Patricia Wulf, opera singer.

Famous mexicans with coronavirus and how to deal with their isolation

In the last days, increasingly media personalities join the growing list of patients diagnosed with the new coronavirusthe pandemic caused by the Covid-19 and on alert most of the nations.

In addition to the many famous landmarks that have been added to the recommendation #QuédateEnCasa, there are also those who decided to share with his followers his state of health. Some testimonies are more hopeful than others, the purpose of these messages has been to contribute to the spread prevention measures to reassure its fans and keep in touch with the public.

The programme’s host Oh tell me about it already! and The air Televisa, Odalys Ramírez, shared on your account Instagram a week ago your a positive diagnosis for the virus that emerged in Wuhan, China. He narrated how your infection has manifested very mild symptoms, the reason being that the led to be tested were the breathing problems and the lack of air. Through a live assured that trusted leave airy of the situation by taking appropriate measures and following all of the indications of your doctor.

For his part, the driver of Come the joy of TV Azteca and romantic partner Odalys Ramírez And Patricio Borghetti it was also stated with the new virus the next day that what made her promised to marry with whom she had two children. And although at first said he did not manifest any symptoms, a couple days ago he shared that in effect he felt one: the loss of the sense of smell and taste. This indicator of the presence of the Covid-19 in the body has been presented only in some people who suffer from it.

Both presenters have been kept in quarantine, using these days to regain their health, exercise -Odalys practice 10 minutes of yoga that helps emotionally – and to check in with their followers on social networks. This insulation is not being deprived of fulfilling their cravings, as recently ordered the tacos al pastor.

During this time, the couple has had to face a great challenge, therefore to move away from their children, prevented them from celebrating in person to his daughter Gia, who received his fourth year of life in the midst of this pandemic, and without being able to receive hugs and kisses from their parents.

Who also caused a stir with the revelation of his medical condition was the actress Camila Sodi, who declared in his stories Instagram since a few days ago that he felt the suspicion of having contracted the virus, since he was living with a friend that indeed, it had. Fuand until today, Thursday, 26, the niece of the singer Thalía narrated his experience confirming its positive outcome.

The controversial news anchor Esteban Arce also added to this list. The production of his television program I express in the morningnewly confirmed on 26 march that tested positive to the test of coronavirus, reporting that does not present severe symptoms and will remain in isolation

The news of the diagnosis was given by Alejandra Agüayo, communicator that was presented to the audience that normally tunes in to the broadcast of Forum TV.

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