Plague COVID-19, NASA, you have to Stop the Test the SLS and Orion Megaroket capsule

203 – The spread of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 makes the task of NASA is disabled. The national space agency of the United States, that it was forced to stop production, and test megaroket Space Launch System (SLS) and a capsule, Orion. A couple of hardware for the Transport of astronauts to the moon and Mars.

The suspension was announced, NASA Administrator, Jim bride Stine on 19. March 20 occurred. March. This effort was made as a reaction to the spread of the Corona Virus new. NASA alone has improved the facility Michoud Assembly in Louisiana and the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi on stage 4.

Megaroket the SLS and Orion capsule [NASA].
Megaroket the SLS and Orion capsule [NASA].

Level 4 is the highest level of the framework, in which systems were turned off, except for the work necessary to protect life and infra-stricture-critical.

“Changes in the Stennis made because of the increasing number of cases COVID-19 in the surroundings, including a series of judgment of the isolation of self in a group of employees, plus one confirmed case in between the team Stennis us,” said Jim bride Stine, quoted from

He added that, although there are no confirmed cases in Michoud, the plant has moved to level 4 because of the increasing number of cases COVID-19 in the surroundings.

The core stage of the SLS itself will be built in Michoud, but tested at Stennis. Megaroket carrying out the flights referred to Artemis 1 in the middle of 2021.

Meanwhile, the crew of the SLS and Orion to be called Artemis 2, the astronauts will send the trip to the moon. During the flight, the Artemis 3, two astronauts sent near the South pole of the moon. NASA is targeting Artemis 3 takes place in 2024.

NASA has not yet take into account exactly how large the impact of the termination of work, the SLS and the Orion capsule today, for the timeline of Artemis. However, the delay in the processing of SLS is because the new outbreaks of the time this happened.

In addition to the Michoud and Stennis, Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, NASA is in stage 4. While the facilities of the NASA were in stage 3.

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