Plague Inc, the game Viral, Because of the Corona Virus


RADARMALANGID – Last game-lovers are busy talking, Plague Inc, a game simulation that requires to create a player and develop, the pathogen (parasitic microorganisms) that are harmful.

With tactics and strategy, the agent generates will be disseminated to the players of the results of the analysis of the problem of global health should, to all over the world.

Reports from the Hollywood Reporter (2/3), a game made by developers from the United Kingdom, Ndemic creations even managed to occupy the highest position in the App Store. You have to beat the game Minecraft, which has been perched in the top position for several years

Apparently, Plague Inc very popular, after the Corona virus epidemic. According to the report, the analyst application Apptica, Plague Inc download solid at 23. January, together with the quarantine city of Wuhan, the origin of the Corona virus.

Sudden popularity is that Ndemic overwhelmed creations, because a lot of people associated Corona virus with a model of the game Plague Inc.

“A lot of people figure out how diseases are spread and understand the complexity of the outbreak of a viral. We designed the game in a realistic and informative, with the problems of the real world is sensational,” of course, she quotes from the campaign Live.

As a developer, you will be confirmed, if Plague Inc purely as a game, not a scientific model.

“And the outbreak of the Corona virus, which occurs, if this is the situation that is very real and has an impact on a large number of people,” she said.

Plague Inc, which can be downloaded via the Google Play since 2012 and have been recognized group of global health. One of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Author: Zhavirra Noor Rivdha
Photo: Special
Publisher: Fia