Plane crash in Turin: a car lifted up and overturned as a result of an explosion, and then burned out in a fire.

Horrible accident at the airport Boxes To Turinwhere is the plane Arrows Tricolors, Pony 4, crashed to the ground during takeoff during dress rehearsals for tomorrow’s BBC centenary show.

Pilot, Major Oscar Del Do’, he managed to escape by parachute, suffering burns to his body and was taken to the hospital under code yellow.

“The fire that broke out after the plane hit the ground unfortunately affected a car in transit along the airport perimeter with four people on board, resulting in death of a little girl and injuries to three other passengers in the car,” Air Force note indicates.

This is a family consisting of two parents and two children aged 5 and 9 years. The completely burned car (pictured) was lifted and overturned by the explosion, two parents managed to escape with wounds and burns, taking their eldest 9-year-old child to safety. Due to the strong flames, the little girl could not be saved.

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