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When it comes to traveling by plane, at first glance there is a need to reconcile two conflicting needs: comfort and coziness. Nothing allows you to feel comfortable and confident like a well-made outfit; Celebrities know this very well and not only thanks to the valuable advice from the teams of professionals who take care of their image (stylists, hair and makeup artists), but also thanks to the busy lifestyle that requires them to appear in fashion shows. It happens, at a premiere or function. so want to know how to dress for the airportAll that remains is to look and learn from the best, without compromising on functionality and good taste.

Jeans for a relaxed look

It’s quintessential: denim has been able to lend a casual as well as edgy charm. The stretchy designs are ideal for travel to the extent of such models becoming a favorite travel staple Miranda Kerr And Candice Swanepoel, the latter, in particular, chooses them in a slim fit, combined with a striped T-shirt and ankle cowboy boots. A matching jacket, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat complete the effortless look.

How to dress for the airport |  Life & People Magazine


Adriana Lima Embrace the athleisure trend with a flawless outfit. Combining the stylistic code of sportswear with tailored cuts and garments, sportswear is no longer about performance; On the contrary, it becomes a new definition of glamor destined to establish itself with the times. The Brazilian model and actress opts for a formal jacket with peak lapels, worn over a white T-shirt, palazzo trousers and sneakers. For accessories, Fendi crossbody and goggles; The result is a balanced combination of practicality and elegance.

How to Dress for the Airport |  Life & People Magazine

total sporty look

bella hadid And Kendall Jenner Prioritize comfort, choose a sporty look, without sacrificing being attractive and trendy; In fact, the suit should be chosen in one color and a large size. The first wears an anthracite gray model with the maxi Riot Hill logo combined with the iconic Speedy Louis Vuitton With cherry monogram.

How to Dress for the Airport |  Life & People MagazineKendall prefers color instead; A vitamin and pop orange, hindered by black canvas sneakers and a maxi frame with deep lenses.

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Mystery? maxi coat

For elle fanningIt doesn’t matter what’s underneath. If you want to be free to wear whatever you want within the bounds of good taste, then wrapping yourself in a beautiful, long, structured coat will suffice, covering any type of clothing. The actress chooses a black leather double-breasted jacket with an oversized fit and cute inserts on the collar and sleeves; Ideal for elevating a casual outfit tucked underneath.

,  Life & People MagazineOvercoats, in fabric, in wool, in teddy versions, but also puffy jackets, are especially useful if you are traveling to or coming from places with great climate differences. Maxi outerwear in this case allows you to work with dexterity: it can be removed if necessary, or it will protect us from the cold without revealing the summer look and is not very suitable for the harsh climate in the destination .

pothole free business trip

On the other hand, when traveling for work, unfortunately the freedom of wearing overalls to the gate is not considered. Once we reach our destination, we will probably need to hurry, maybe a car will be waiting for us or maybe we will need to run so as not to miss an upcoming meeting. It is essential to resort to staying organized even when the time available is short layering, Strategically arranging the look, or expecting a partial change, – once you land – will allow you to communicate professionalism and poise, even after a long trip.

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