Plant polysaccharides protect against influenza in animal models

It reduced several parameters associated with infection, including viral load in the lungs and survival rates.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences have discovered the antiviral properties of polysaccharides (PSC) extracted from the ripe fruits of the Schisandra chinensis plant.In mice infected with influenza A (H1N1) virus, also known as swine flu virus, twice daily dosing… + Read more

Oral plant derivative shows activity in atopic dermatitis model

A new study highlights the anti-inflammatory properties and safety of lupeol, as well as its ability to reduce serological and tissue markers of disease. + read more

“We are committed to making phytotherapy more widely known and putting it on a level with any other medicine”

Schwabe is a pharmaceutical company with more than 150 years of history, developing naturally derived medicines and self-care products. It is considered the world leader in the field of botanical medicines, medicines similar to synthetic medicines, the only difference between the two is the way in which the active ingredients are obtained; thus in one case by chemical synthesis and in the other It is through a process of direct extraction from plants. In this interview, its Spanish General Manager Lorenzo Viniegra dives into the benefits these medicines bring to citizens’ health and the challenges they face in the coming years. + read more

They reveal silexan’s potential in sleep disorders

Its use is associated with fewer relapses than benzodiazepine agonist treatment. + read more

Herbal extract shows preclinical activity against colon cancer cells

It induces tumor cell apoptosis and reduces their growth in animal models without causing systemic toxicity. + read more

Natural compound shows activity against melanoma

It inhibits multiple aspects of tumor biology and reduces the in vivo growth rate of highly metastatic cell lines without causing significant systemic toxicity. + read more

Phytotherapeutic compound improves neuropathy in diabetes model

Arctigenin reduces histopathological symptoms and hyperalgesia by enhancing cellular defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. + read more

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