Playa del Cerro’s first bird flu case found in a sea lion

Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), Fernando Matos,Confirmed to be underline First-time infection with H5N1, influenza, or Avian Influenza, appearing on the sea lions of Playa del Cerro. This is the first case in a marine mammal, he said.

Sequencing is awaited to determine whether the animal ingested the virus-carrying bird, or if it was a species-to-species transmission, Matos said. There are no active cases in poultry in the country. There were 14 outbreaks, all of which were contained.

Matos reiterated that this is the first case of bird flu in a marine mammal in Uruguay. Such cases have been registered in Peru, Chile and Argentina.

MGAP advises not to approach or come into contact with symptomatic animals and to notify the National Aquatic Resources Agency (Dinara) immediately.

On February 15, 2023, five black-necked swans in Laguna Garzón, between Maldonado and Rocha, reported the country’s first case of bird flu.

MGAP declared a national animal health emergency and prohibited the movement of birds within the national territory, except for those birds under surveillance by the authorities. On August 16, the Livestock Service addressed the 60-day suspension in case of health emergencies ahead of the Prado Expo.

The government purchased 10 million doses of the bird flu vaccine in Mexico and in May began mandatory vaccination of breeder hens (to replace broilers or layers) and adult layers (which are laying eggs).

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