Player x Player after River Plate vs. Racing Club for the Professional Football League of Argentina 2021

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The scores of River players after the match against Racing, corresponding to the twenty-second date of the Professional Football League 2021.

River was crowned champion of the Professional Soccer League.
© GettyRiver was crowned champion of the Professional Soccer League.

Franco Armani (8): He had little work due to the enormous supremacy of River but with the game 0-0 he covered an incredible ball for Copetti.

Robert Rojas (8.5): A fabulous match for the Paraguayan, who was a guarantee in defense and who went on the attack with full discretion. Huge delivery and even key participation in the second goal.

Paulo Diaz (7): The game began with a serious error that was solved by Armani but then it was clearly established. He won each heads-up and it was a clear start.

Héctor Martínez (7): Sober and uncomplicated throughout the entire meeting. He was very clear before each intervention coming out from the bottom with the ball.

Javier Pinola (7): He played as a starter after a long time and as a left back and he more than delivered. A guarantee on the brand and without problems with the ball on the feet.

Leonardo Ponzio (7): He was there from the start despite his inactivity and did not disappoint. He offered deployment, dedication and a lot of sacrifice. He was cheered by the fans.

Santiago Simon (7.5): Once again, a very important piece in River’s creative scaffolding. Assistance wheel in recovery and very fine to connect lines.

Enzo Fernandez (8): He clarified each and every one of the plays that had him as the protagonist. Key in the generation at all times. He designed a fabulous maneuver at 1-0.

Agustín Palavecino (9): He opened the game with a very good definition, was key in the play of the second and assisted Romero in the third. A very complete performance and to frame.

Julián Álvarez (8.5): Determinant and destabilizing, as in all matches. He scored the second and was a constant danger for the entire Racing defense.

Braian Romero (8.5): He searched for it from start to finish, sacrificing himself and fighting for the entire front line. He ended up opening the arc and was dispatched with a double.

They entered:

Jorge Carrascal (7): He entered and did not delay in showing all his talent with a phenomenal attendance for Romero’s 4-0.

Jonatan Maidana (-): He entered the final stretch of the game and received the recognition he deserved.

Tomás Galván (-): Few minutes on the playing field.

Federico Girotti (-): Entered on end of engagement.

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