Players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry exempt from new NBA load management rules

NBA a few days ago Announcement of new player participation rules, which seeks to provide more engaging matches on the air. This new rule prohibits teams from resting multiple “stars” at one time during a game.

The NBA defines a “star” player as Anyone who has been selected to an All-Star or All-NBA team in the past three seasons. For this gain, the league has 49 players defined as “stars” who must adhere to this new standard.

However, like everything normal, there are exceptions. The first of these is age. Any player over the age of 35 does not meet this criteria.. On the other hand, game time. If a player plays more than 34,000 minutes in the NBAwill not be included in the standard.

So that’s it Stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry are exempt from this new rule And their respective teams will be able to rest another star from the same team in a concurrent game.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James/Getty Images

Which celebrities are exempt from this rule?

Apparently, Curry and James aren’t the only NBA stars unaffected by this new the moment There are other names that fall outside the scope of this rule. Due to the above criteria.

Kevin Durant, James Harden and Chris Paul are other names that fall under the exceptions to the league’s rules. Durant will turn 35 at the end of this month. In nearly 1,000 NBA regular season games, he played 36,181 minutesexceeding the 34,000 excess number stipulated by the league.

In Harden’s case, he’s not even 35 yet, and he’s also been plagued by playing time. Total 34,753. Paul was excluded because he was 37 years old.

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