PlayStation 5 – First Photo Leaked From the Real Dev-Kit

© Sony Interactive Entertainment/ZONEofTECH

A first photo of the PS5 Dev-kit has been released. After patent drawings and renderings, we can now see what the developer prototype actually looks like. 

A photo of the Dev-kit of the PlayStation 5 was leaked. It apparently shows the real prototype of the next-gen console, which many developers are currently equipped with.

The first picture of the PS5 dev-kit seemingly leaked

The image has been downloaded to the YouTube channel ZONEofTECH. The design of the dev kit is very similar to the published patent images. That these patent images show the real dev-kit design has already been confirmed by various developers. Now we can apparently take a look at the real Dev kit.

However, the design of the dev kit does not have to indicate what the PS5 looks like, which will ultimately be on the dealer shelves. We assume that the appearance of the finished console will differ greatly.

Focus on noise

Sony seems with the PS5, however, the problem of the strong noise on the body to move on which complain PS4 users. There are numerous ventilation slots on the Dev-kit, which may also be incorporated into the finished design in a modified form.

The PS5 will hit the market in the Christmas of 2020. The following video is more about the dev-kit: