PlayStation 5 vs Xbox X-series, This is the advantages of Each


PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X. ( – PlayStation 5 vs Xbox X series, two new game console, which has shown that the specifications of the hardware. From here it can be seen how later.

Microsoft for the first time, you will discover the specs of the Xbox series X. Not only that, together a form of a game console, if disassembled.

Following Sony’s unveil the specs of the PlayStation 5. Not so explicitly, such as Microsoft, discover the PlayStation 5 yet, the physical form.

But certainly the two new game console will carry this chip custom buatam AMD. Good for CPU and GPU use the package from AMD.

Even so, each gift is different. Sony with the self-mixing, and Microsoft with its own views.

After that, the team compare the specs of the PlayStation 5 vs Xbox X-series is a console game, what it will be.

1. CPU

AMD chips in the Xbox series x (Microsoft)
AMD chips in the Xbox series x (Microsoft)

Both use an Octa-core CPU and Zen 2, the feature simultaneous multithreading (SMT), which allows eight cores process 16 thread.

Xbox X-series could run at 3.8 GHz when you turn on the SMT-to-state, there are only 8 Threads. If you would like to switch to SMT and get a 16 thread CPU running at 3.6 GHz.

The developers have the freedom to choose the number of threads a lot, but the speed down, or choose the speed of the thread a little more in the Xbox series X.

While the CPU of the PlayStation 5 can change the frequency, depending on the need. However, the maximum run time of only 3.5 GHz.

PlayStation 5 will the CPU change frequency in accordance with load finished. But certainly a number of threads have sure.

Thread lots of some open-world games, and the processing of the AI requires massive. While the game is intense, you need to the frequency of the clock.

2. GPU

Diagram of the CPU and the GPU of the PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)
Diagram of the CPU and the GPU of the PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)

Both wear custom-GPU-AMD-RDNA-2, was the support of ray tracing in hardware. Also, the computing power is asserted high to have.

Xbox X-series have a GPU with 52 compute units running at 1,825 GHz. The GPU is able to have the computational ability to 12,16 TFLOPs.

PlayStation 5 has a compute unit is a bit, what is a 36, of course, is running at 2.23 GHz. GPUs generate a computing-what is 10.28 GHz.

In the figure, the GPU in the Xbox series the X is superior. But, the clock frequency is too high, the PlayStation 5 will be the popular game-action game-intensive.

The number of compute units in the GPU in the Xbox series the X-will be useful for a variety of tasks. Ray-tracing, machine learning.

3. Memory (RAM)

Game console of the Xbox series X (Microsoft)
Game console of the Xbox series X (Microsoft)

Both of the carry-RAM 16 GB of GDDR6 with the interface of 256 bits. Even so, each console game has a mixture of different on the RAM.

The Xbox series of X separates the two parts of the RAM, i.e., the 10 GB, which is tinted with the 560 GBit / s). While the 6 GB is a lot more sluggish in 366 GBit / s).

Game developers should sort out your data, the required high-speed. The can’t be passed to the line sluggish.

PlayStation 5 to learn seems to be the PlayStation 3, by the memory of a uniform. The 16-GB uniform with a bandwidth of 448 GBit / s).

Developers do not need to go through the data, tinggal pakai only. Because all the parts of the RAM have the same speed.

4. Storage

Speed-SSD-drive of the PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)
Speed-SSD-drive of the PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)

They had both put on the SSD, but custom has adapted to, the purposes of the game console. And divide it into two parts.

The internal memory as the primary memory Xbox X-series is available in capacities of 1 TB. The memory used is SSD NVMe with a high rate of speed.

IO-throughput console game Microsoft reach 2.4 GBit / s raw, and 4.8 GBit / s compressed. Very fast compared to hard disk SATA, which is only 100 MBps.

Sony seems very serious work on the internal storage. Also wear controller and a special chip for super-high-speed.

Internal memory of the PlayStation 5 has a capacity of 825 GB. This does not happen because of the Sony carry a chip on it that often in the market.

Since the PlayStation 5 could be raw IO throughput of up to 5.5 GBit / s and 8 to 9 GBit / s compressed. Although the same NVMe SSD, but it is super tight.

Sony is seriously working on this part, because it is an obsession with the elimination of load time. Also as a request to the developers.

The internal storage of the is density, not only makes the loading faster. But the performance of the game is not obstructed, to wait on data transfers.

5. Expandable Memory

Memory Expansion Xbox Series X (Microsoft)
Memory Expansion Xbox Series X (Microsoft)

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox X-series gives you the ability to add memory. Remember a game-new games continue to increase, the required capacity.

1 TB is, of course, have significantly less for a couple of years ahead, let alone, 825 GB. Therefore, there is a special port-add additional memory.

Xbox-series X-wear-solution expansion card 1 TB connected on the back. Microsoft took to make the Seagate, special for the Xbox series X.

While Sony is open to a slot M. 2 NVMe SSD. But it has to be done, make sure the products are compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Do not close the possibility of wear of the SSD NVMe M. 2 standard is widely used in PC and laptop. An SSD solution like this available on the market.

Conclusion the PlayStation 5 vs Xbox X-series

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X. (
PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X. (

Can be seen, if Microsoft, the pursuit of the raw performance of the Xbox series X is higher. The CPU clock higher and the GPU with the Video.

Some of the options open to the developers of the game want to by the CPU, toned, or the number of threads. Also, the choice of the speed of the RAM.

Even though it looks flexible, this can be risky, as it is on the PlayStation 3. Developers need time to explore its architecture.

While the PlayStation 5 look, although it looks less, but give more freedom for developers in the use of all resourcenya.

Many developers ask for CPU and memory, in uniform, to develop the if Sony, the PlayStation 4 before. And it is filled with this Japanese company.

Sony also seems to be more serious in dealing with the Affairs of the load. Game-game open world and the assets of the major benefits of SSD speed PlayStation 5.

This is a specs comparison PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X in the side of the hardware. We just wait until pelucurannya later, at the end of the year 2020.