PlayStation lost the battle with Microsoft: signed the agreement to keep Call of Duty on the Japanese console

Data miners have uncovered several such news that will be the next concern Duty out in november modern warfare 3,

It looks like new, while maintaining the same interface as the current MW2 Duty I would attribute at least one extremely significant change. The current way of visualizing equipment and perks will indeed be heavily modified, with players having to interface with more customizable classes than they do now.

In fact, each player will be able to customize their class, including helmets, boots, gloves, and other similar attributes. For each of these slots, there will be various options to choose from, some of which will provide speed, or accuracy, bonuses.

We are already seeing the first and still “embryonic” tests regarding customizable equipment with the introduction of various types of armor bags (you will find Here all the details). With the new title, we will be able to equip our character by prioritizing one piece of equipment over another, these decisions will directly affect our gameplay.

Ninja perks and more weapons from the past are also coming to Modern Warfare 3

Bob’s Twitter post announced the Modern Warfare 3 classes, along with “Gloves,” “Boots,” and more:

Apart from all this it is also beneficial ninja Like other weapons from CoD’s past, there will be a return to the game. you will definitely be one of them UMP45 ,Source, AK556, AMR50 ,Source) but also the famous SMG Uzi And SAR,

Before the advent of the Ninja Perk, as dead silence It was the best benefit for all gamers”stealth, Fundamental to not being noticed by enemies, the perk guaranteed our character to move silently to take down opponents from behind.

All of this information comes from the game’s official alpha, which is currently available to a limited number of players. One of these has apparently leaked information which we can assume to be 99.99% authentic.

In case of denial or confirmation, we will not hesitate to publish any update here possession,

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