«PlayStation-style security checks, there were too many risks»

In the end he didn’t trust Titan. And he did very well. A thrill-seeker, billionaire who intended to join Hamish Harding on a submarine…

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at the end he couldn’t believe it Titan, And he did very well. a thrill-seeker, billionaire of course, who intended to join Hamish Harding missing submarine (looking for Titanic) withdrew from the dive shortly before departure. Chris Brown, 61, paid a deposit to do what turned him into a ,cursed trip,But now says he changed his mind after being concerned about the (poor) quality of the technique and the materials used in the medium: tabloid The Sun reports. His concerns included the use of Oceangate ,old scaffolding poles, for ballast and the fact that it had controls ,based on computer game type system,, Brown later explained that despite being one of the first to sign up ,On this trip, I finally decided that the risks were too high.,, Then, he said he felt ,really upset for hamish,, who is one of the five passengers of the submarine currently missing. The submarine lost contact while diving in search of the wreckage of the Titanic, located approximately 12,500 feet below the Atlantic. There is a shortage of oxygen, according to officials it will be sufficient till About “tomorrow at 11 o’clock”.

Submarine Titan, former passenger: «Last summer we got lost for 3 hours. Contract? We accepted that we might die.”


Brown and Harding signed up for the £80,000 trip after sharing a few beers on Richard Branson’s Necker Island holiday. The couple paid a 10% deposit for the trip, which has since more than doubled in price while the Titan was still in ,stage of development,, But Brown did some research: According to him, Oceangate had ,missed important targets, during depth testing. Brown, the multimillion-dollar digital marketing mogul, discovered that the ship was somehow being controlled ,modified playstation controller,, ,I learned that they used old scaffolding poles for ballast on the submarine. But this is not a small boat, it is a commercial vessel. Finally sent an email to Oceangate asking for a refund. Sue Harding Guarantees She’s Not The Type To Do That ,panic, he would be extremely calm and give hope to other passengers,,


OceanGate Expeditions chronicles the decay of the Titanic and its surrounding underwater ecosystem through annual voyages from 2021 to the present. The ship sank on Sunday morning and contact with its support vessel was lost about an hour and 45 minutes later. The ship was reported about 435 miles (700 km) south of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Titan was launched from an icebreaker chartered by Oceangate and previously operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. Titan is described as ,Largest deep dive submersible with unmatched safety features, which evaluates the integrity of the hull during each dive.

Made of titanium and carbon fiber, the Titan weighs 20,000 pounds (9,072 kg) in air, but is weighted to float neutrally once it reaches the ocean bed. Titan is capable of a four kilometer (2.4 mi) dive ,with a comfortable margin of safety,, according to documents the company filed in April with a US district court in Virginia that oversees cases related to the Titanic. At the time of deposition, Titan had made more than 50 test dives, including one to a depth comparable to that of Titanic. Obviously this was not enough.

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