Please NOTE, Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Release is Tomorrow, take a look at the specifications leaked


Tribun Manado.CO.ID The latest leak shows the back of the mobile phone gaming, Xiaomi, will soon, Black Shark, 3 5G.

In these leaks, the back of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3, which is rumored to release tomorrow, soon, Tuesday (3/3/2020).

News of the plan, the release of the Black Shark, confirmed by a poster uploaded will be listed on the Weibo social media, present on 3. March in the morning.

GSMArena reported on Monday (2/3/2020), prior to the release date, the licked-licked, Black Shark 3 in relation to a lot of the latest, namely on the camera is always.

Although it is well-known in the area of mobile gaming, camera, not be the focus.

The leaked camera Black Shark 3
The leaked camera Black Shark 3 (

It is, however, surprisingly new, a rough picture of the back of the Black Shark 3.

From a rough idea, have a look, there are three cameras in the dressing in a module shaped like an inverted triangle.

The overall design is similar to the design of multi-level rear-panel Black Shark 3, which was shared by the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

The lower edge of the visible technology, charging via magnets.

However, currently there is little information in connection with the triple-camera of this phone.