Please Update to the Latest Version of LINE Google Assistant now Support


Users easier the application, the LINE added a function that allows users to connect the app with Google Assistant.

Not only that, with the support of Google wizard, the user can also ask the to send messages to other users, and Google-assistant to read incoming messages via voice commands.

The messaging LINE by Google Assistant it is possible to call 1:1, and the content can be sent as well as received a new text. But for this first version, the support for Google assistant is only available in English and Japanese.

As the LINE through the Google employee is also very easy. If you want to send the message, the user should only open the “Google Assistant” on your phone and just say “OK Google, send a message to the LINE”. If you would like to read the book on the LINE, just say “OK Google, read incoming messages on the LINE.”

No doubt, this update allows the use of LINE-in is pleasant, only with the sound sometimes is necessary, such as when you are driving your vehicle, cooking, or caring for a child.

Going forward, LINE plans to add other features. Through the mission, the distance between people, information, and a variety of services to bring them closer, the LINE will continue to be a variety of information and communication services optimized for everyday life.

This service is available for the Android OS version 6.0 & Online version 10.4.0 or more.

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