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PVideo rhymes offers a movie CassanderThe film is based on the true story of Saul Armendariz, the first gay Mexican wrestler to become world champion. He is played by actor Gael García Bernal.

This pops up Prime Video film from September 22 Cassander, Based on real events. Directed by Roger Ross Williams and starring Gael García Bernal. It tells the story of Saul Armendariz, a gay amateur wrestler from El Paso who became internationally famous after creating the character Cassandro, “Liberace Lucha Libre.” By doing this, Cassandro questioned not only the macho world of wrestling, but his entire life.

Plot of the film

When Saul Armendariz (Gael García Bernal), the protagonist of the Prime Video film Cassanderbegins competing in the toxic and chauvinistic environment of Mexican freestyle wrestling in the late 1980s, he refuses to do so as an “exotic” wrestler, meaning wearing women’s costumes, makeup and hairstyles in order to play a character with obvious sexual ambiguity.

However, meeting Sabrina (Roberta Colindrez) changes Saul’s point of view. For his part, the fighter not only has a professional coach he can count on, but also a friend who, little by little, helps him find the courage to face the unthinkable transformation and truly be who he is, in the ring and behind the scenes. outside of it.

Not without difficulty, Saul thus creates the image of Cassandro, an openly gay exotic fighter who, with strength and pride, will help Saul himself see life differently, subverting the stereotype of a freestyle wrestler. Bright and powerful, Cassandro will also question Saul’s relationships with his mother Jocasta (Perla De La Rosa), his (secret) lover Gerardo (Raul Castillo) and his absentee father Eduardo (Robert Salas).

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(True) inspiring story

“I first met Cassandro when I had to make a documentary about him for the series New Yorker“, he reminded Roger Ross Williamsdirector of the film “Prime Video” Cassander. “I didn’t know much about Mexican wrestling, but from day one I was struck by Cassandro’s spirit and joy: he had a special light and radiated positivity, despite having fought a lot in his life.”

“As a documentarian, when I was asked to make a feature film for Prime Video about Cassandro, I wanted to stick to the reality of the facts from the first moment. But the real story of Cassandro is so complex, intricate and fascinating that, contrary to what usually happens, I had to reduce its scope. This is the story of a man who has been rejected by the Mexican wrestling world for years and must prove his worth to everyone. Even if he loses in the ring, it doesn’t matter: his goal is to inspire young gay men to not give up and follow their dreams.”

“Everyone can identify with Cassandro. Many of us have felt marginalized or rejected in life, experiencing alienation and loneliness,” the director concluded.

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Main characters

Prime Video movie protagonist Cassander he is a mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, set to play one of the first gay wrestlers to be taken seriously and destined to become internationally famous after winning the World Championship. “When I started researching Cassandro, his dramatic life and the transformation that Saul brought about, I was excited,” the actor said. “I was fascinated by the basic contradiction that always animated him: he was a natural fighter and at the same time a homosexual – a combination that challenges any stereotype.”

“To me, Cassandro’s story is like the ugly duckling, but in the world of wrestling,” he commented. Pearl De La Rosa, the actress who plays the role of Jocasta, the main character’s mother. “Suddenly Saul spreads his wings and transforms into Cassander the peacock, creating an extraordinary character driven by strong determination.”

But Saul would never have become Cassander if he had not met Sabrina. “She is the only one who sees his incredible talent,” the actress emphasized. Roberta Colindrez. “But she always understands that she needs guidance to let go and truly become who she is. In a way, Saul and Sabrina complement each other: they need each other. Besides being his coach, Sabrina will always be his biggest supporter.”

There is also a place for love in Saul’s life, since he has a secret relationship with Gerardo, brought to the stage by the actor. Raul Castillo. “Gerardo is a fascinating character, full of contradictions. For him, the world is neither black nor white: in any case, it is all gray. He lives secretly: on the one hand, he is a very proud father and husband, and on the other, he secretly loves Saul. It is not unusual for sexuality to be experienced in a repressed way, especially when there is a very chauvinistic world in the background.”

Lorenzo, Cassandro’s agent/promoter, has the face of the legendary Mexican actor. Joaquin Cosiowhile Felipe, the young man tasked with attending to Cassandro’s every need, is supported by the Puerto Rican. Benito Antonio Ocasio Martinez, better known as Bad Bunny. The film also features several Mexican wrestlers such as Gigantico, Masacre Enmasquerada and the legendary El Hijo del Santo.

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