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Three days before the death of a 3-year-old immigrant girl registered on a bus in the United States, the autopsy results have been released.

The baby was not doing well at all. The minor developed a fever while flying from Texas to Chicago with relatives.

Noticias Telemundo reported on September 7, 2023 that the autopsy revealed and highlighted that a medical examiner from Illinois stated that the minor “boarded the bus with a mild fever and his condition worsened during the journey , symptoms such as vomiting and vomiting occurred.” diarrhea. “The girl’s death date was August 10.

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immigrants sent to chicago

The 3-year-old girl was identified as Jismary Alejandra Barboza González. An aunt, Gisela González, told Telemundo that the family decided to travel to the United States and set out from Colombia in May this year.

Gonzalez said the girl was born on Colombian soil. However, BBC Mundo and CNN en Español reported that the victims were from Venezuela.although Global Vision He said Gismari’s parents are from Venezuela.

The family arrived on U.S. soil and were sent to Chicago along with other immigrants at the decision of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The family was able to reach the northern United States because the governor of Texas instituted a plan to send immigrants to so-called “sanctuary cities.”

As of mid-August, Abbot had bused 4,600 immigrants to Chicago, Telemundo Chicago reported.

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Girl’s health condition while riding bus

The bus departed from “the city of Brownsville, which borders Mexico.” According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Texas officials said that before departure, passengers were screened for their temperature and asked if they had any health conditions.

He added that when the girl’s health appeared to deteriorate, the bus “came to a stop and the security guard on board called 911.”

An autopsy showed a bacterial infection and other factors contributed to one girl’s death, Telemundo Chicago noted. They said he was of low weight and height for his age.

Marion County Coroner Troy Cannon said a bacterial infection and aspiration pneumonia, along with diarrhea and vomiting, led to electrolyte problems, brain swelling and ultimately Giesmarie’s death.

Noticias Telemundo added that “the minor died from bacterial colitis caused by Shigella flexneri, an intestinal disease.” Just two weeks before Gismari turned four, tragedy struck the family.


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