Podcast: Phil Hellmuth turns down Michael Jordan’s poker challenge

Podcast: Phil Hellmuth turns down Michael Jordan’s poker challengePhil Hellmuth is no stranger to naming names, and he recently mentioned his invitation to play poker with Michael Jordan and his regrets about turning it down.

Appear in NESN Chicken Dinner Podcast, Issue 17 world series of poker Bracelet winner describes six meetings NBA Championship and five leagues MVP several times. One of the interactions included a poker challenge – which Helmuth had to refuse.

Poker Guy turned down Air Jordans

Jordan has a reputation as a gambler, with an estimated net worth of $2 billion, and the stakes can be high. The DraftKings investor is known for making huge bets on everything from golf courses to casinos.when he competes NBAhis teammates on the Chicago Bulls said he would even bet on which of their suitcases would come out of baggage claim first, not realizing that he had bribed the porter to put his luggage at the front of the line.

According to Hellmuth, Jordan enjoyed many poker games, including no-limit badugi.He said that with NBA Legend several times.

Podcast host Sam Panayotovich and Hellmuth discussed some of the parameters of playing against Jordan, who is obviously known for his long stretches at the poker table. Helmut ultimately had to decline the invitation.

“He challenged me once and I didn’t have a lot of money in town,” Helmuth said. “I was stupid. I should have called my friend and said, ‘Hey, (send me some money).’ And (Jordan) would have wanted to call until seven in the morning.”

Jordan’s love of long workouts was confirmed by Charles Barkley, who regularly attended games that included Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Magic Johnson. Barkley added that Jordan often tried to “buy” the games he played because he knew he had more money to work with than his opponents.

“He’ll crush you,” Helmuth admitted. “But I’m not a 23-year-old playing against MJ for the first time. I’m going to say, ‘I’m going to go.’ “I (would have) given him an hour’s notice, which was reasonable. “

Helms, a longtime Jordan fan, said Jordan once got out of a limo and greeted poker players. The two interacted several more times over the years, including the time he witnessed Jordan win a charity poker tournament in Minnesota.

2022 world championship of poker Player of the Year Josh Arieh gambled with Jordan on the golf course and poker card player’s The Poker Stories Podcast said “it was a horrific experience” due to Jordan’s relentless trash-talking.

Six times academician world championship of poker Bracelet winner Ryan Flack also shared a story on the podcast, explaining that he was once recruited by the Chicago Mafia to attend Jordan’s home games. However, Flack was not invited after being revealed as a pro. late night show with david letterman.

cash talk

In addition to this story, Poker Guy also talked about appearing on PokerGO Without gambling there is no future Cash games, NFTs, selling stocks, and serving as consultants for different companies. Hellmuth also revealed the financial upheavals he’s experienced, including a recent loss on a trade that cost him $180,000, and how he and his wife dealt with such losses.

“Cash has become a commodity for us in poker,” he said. “We joke about it because I never sweat the small stuff. My wife said, ‘We have to pay this bill.’ “I told her at the beginning of our marriage that I didn’t want to hear anything less than $10,000 because I wanted to continue to focus on the big money. She has agreed to that. “We have been together 33 years and I refuse Ask her to bring me something for small money. “

Discussion included whether it would be easy to marry Helmuth.

“This is not a financial fluctuation because money is my good friend and I believe I will always have money,” he said. “She was stressed out about money in a normal human way. But I thought, ‘No matter what, by the time I’m 76, we’re going to have a billion dollars. It’s coming.'”

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