Poetry Festival, week of events until 3 September.

Poetry Festivalwhich began last night in the convent of Marco Vacca of the school of Don Milani in Via Vico Storto, will end Sunday, September 3I. This week is all about poetry. The event was created to promote new reflections on public space through the art of poetry. It is promoted and organized Room of poetsco-financed by the municipality of Bitonto, as part of the exhibition Live Bitonto – Festival Network 2023.

“Talk to me or Alicia” is the title of the 11th festival where Alicia is the new “Invisible City” by Italo Calvino. The title of the series is inspired by the phrase “Sing to me O Diva” and suggests the use of Alicia’s city as a source of poetic inspiration, similar to how Homer called upon the Muses to guide him in his epic narrative. It evokes an image of a city inspired by the ecological principles of sustainability, efficiency and technology, as well as respect for diversity and inclusiveness, and invites you to explore Alicia’s poetic wonders through the voice of the poets.

The protagonists of this special evening will include three special guests, each presenting a different perspective on poetry and its role in contemporary society. We will meet the poet with delight Giuliano Marocchinialso known as organizer of the Southern Corato Festival, poet Silvio Raffo Translator, poet and storyteller, has collaborated with Swiss and Italian radio, television and newspapers, including the monthly Poesia. In 1997, he was a finalist for the Premio Strega award for the novel The Voice of the Stone (Il Saggiatore, 1996), based on the film The Voice from the Stone, along with Emilia Clarke and Marton Csokas, considered one of the leading experts in the field of American poet Emily Dickinson in Italy and Alessandra Corbetta, a respected writer and juror for the prestigious Strega Prize for Poetry. His critical and passionate point of view will be a fundamental contribution to the context of reflections on contemporary poetic art.

The debate will focus on the need for social change and the role of poetry in promoting profound change. The issue of the social responsibility of the authors and the impact that their words can have on modern society will be raised. All activities will for free.

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