Pogba’s Play #toilet paper challenge, The child, The victim


Paul Pogba moment with his wife and son. (Instagram/paulpogba)

Bolatimes.com – Paul Pogba has helped recently to revive the hashtag, toilet paper challenge, which is widely played in the middle of a pandemic virus corona. Interestingly, the Manchester United star, are wise this time, his wife, Maria Zulay Salaues invited to play it.

But the apes, play time begins, the young Pogba, who was just the victim. Yes, the head of the child is liable to tax gebok toilet paper, because Zulay failed to control it properly.

Aware of the child’s toilet tissue, Zulay is exposed, then ran and hugged him. Lucky that your son is not crying because of the lacing as is.

Action Pogba is visible in the uploads in the account Instagram of his wife @zulaypogba. ‘This is what happens when I try to do #toilet paper challenge,’ you write Zulay in a statement.

Suddenly, the action warganet a comment.

“Brave boy, like his father,” wrote one of the accounts.

“Beautiful family, may God bless you,” said the other account.