Pokémon GO: All Pokémon hatching from 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12 km eggs in October 2023

Pokemon GONiantic’s popular mobile game has entered New month of October 2023 As always, the game brings news to a huge community of players in Spain and the rest of the world.Of course, in game changes We have a list of new Pokémon we can get by hatching eggs. In this newsletter, we’ll round them all up so you know what’s within your reach.

As you know, in Pokémon GO, there are pocket creatures Can only be obtained through hatching Eggs are of high rarity.players must walk to hatch said eggs.Today eggs exist in Five different models: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 12km (7 kilometers is for exchanges and gifts between players, and 12 kilometers is for Team GO Rocket captains).

What we want to show you next is full list October 2023 Which Pokémon are in each egg group and their kilometers.

2km eggs for October 2023

  • Qinzhou (shining)
  • Clayfa (shining)
  • Iglibafu (shining)
  • Meditation(Shining)
  • Fomantis (shining)
  • Wimpold
  • Roast suckling pig (shiny)

October 2023 5km Egg

  • Machope (shining)
  • Lickitung (shining)
  • Grigar (Shining)
  • Qingling
  • Bunsley (shining)
  • la vista
  • Ma Rainey
  • sprigatito
  • fuecoco
  • Quixley

7km egg in October 2023

  • Alola Mountain Shrew (Shiny)
  • Alola Vulpix (shining)
  • Alolan Diglit (Shining)
  • Alola Meow (Shining)
  • Galian Meow Meow (shining)
  • The growth of jade
  • Alolan Crystal (Shiny)
  • Galarian foal (shiny)
  • Galar Slowpoke (shiny)
  • Galar Farfetch’d (Shining)
  • Alolan Grimmer (The Shining)
  • Emerald Voltorb
  • Qwilfish by Jade
  • Emerald Nosed Snake
  • Galarian Zigzag (shiny)
  • Damoka of Galar (Shining)
  • Galarian fish (shiny)

October 2023 10km eggs

  • la vista
  • kabink
  • Sticky (shiny)
  • Chang Mao Wu
  • Friggi Bacchus

October 2023 12km eggs

  • Larva (shiny)
  • Absol (shining)
  • Skoruppi (shiny)
  • Pawn (shiny)
  • Vullaby (shiny)
  • skinny
  • Sandile
  • pancham
  • scrip
  • Yinkai (shining)
  • Sarandit

Eggs launched by Sincroaventura in October 2023

We also remind you that you can take advantage of the Adventure Sync feature to hatch eggs. Even if the game is closed or in the background. So depending on how far you go, you’ll also get eggs as a weekly reward. The situation for the month of October 2023 is as follows:

October 2023 5km eggs (25km per week)

  • Cranes (shining)
  • Shield (shining)
  • happy(shining)
  • Munchlax (shiny)
  • Alomora (shining)

October 2023 10km eggs (50km per week)

  • Gibber (shining)
  • Sticky (shiny)
  • Rockneck hair (shiny)
  • Chang Mao Wu (shining)

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