Pokémon Go – Wanderer Program Allows Requests From New Pokéstops and Arenas

© Niantic

Thanks to Niantic’s new “Wayfarer” program, Pokémon Go Pokémon players will finally be able to request their own hot spots for PokéStops and Arenas. 

Niantic is currently working on a new program called Niantic Wayfarer, designed to improve the location of in-game events and hubs.

Players can then send detailed information to Niantic to request potential new in-game venues such as Pokéstops or Arenas. First, the user can indicate the vitality and use of such a point before further data such as names, game descriptions, cultural relevance, access or even the correctness of the indication must be confirmed. 

Then Niantic becomes active, who then checks whether the proposed hotspot is included in the appropriate place, as well as other community members, who can confirm or reject the authenticity of a new hotspot, ie rate it through and through. 

Operation Portal Recon pulped

But experienced players will find this quite familiar. This is basically an improved version of Operation Portal Recon, which also allowed for local rankings. The new Wayfarer website has completely replaced the old and thus the Recon tool. Although this was only intended for the Niantic app “Ingress”, but the company had used the information for Pokémon Go anyway.

Wayfarer is currently in beta for ingress players level 10 and above. “Pokémon Go” players must wait until next year, as Niantic confirms.