Poland investigates bird flu outbreak affecting domestic cats

An outbreak of bird flu last month has affected dozens of cats across Poland.The country’s veterinary authorities carefully studied the unusual condition before taking action potential expansion risk.

This morning, Polish media published an interview with a veterinarian who detected the first cases of the outbreak, which occurred in past 18 june. The veterinarian shared his findings with fellow industry colleagues in various online discussion groups devoted to zoonotic diseases.Some of them also reported cat deaths neurological and respiratory symptoms The characteristics of this disease.Two weeks later, multiple laboratories across the country confirmed the cases Correspondence to bird fluto confirm the veterinarian’s impression.

By now they have been counted 61 dead cats (some of them were euthanized) because of this outbreak; this is a worrying figure for Polish health authorities. The veterinarian, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of his government employment, notified the media of the disease and made two precautionary claims: Get any cat out of the countryandtheir master stop feeding them raw meat (possible source of infection).

These measures can reduce the spread of influenza. Meanwhile, veterinarians across the country criticized “superficial hint” The GIW (National Veterinary Inspectorate) has circulated the document, which they accuse of not doing more; for example, analyzing canned food Suitable for cats sold in Poland.

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Another veterinarian interviewed by the radio today reassured that “the chief inspector of the GIW took a long time at first to admit that a virus had been detected, without specifying that it was bird flu, and then he confirmed it, but said It is an avian influenza virus. “Cases are rare; final results of analysis questioned”.

Condition Worrying and unknown; especially when cases were detected simultaneously in distant Polish regions.According to some experts, the total number of cases may have reached several hundred.

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Last week, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus highlighted his agency as “amonitoring situation It should not be forgotten that avian influenza A (H5N1) is dangerous to humans even though it does not spread easily from person to person.

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