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Police dismantle Bitcoin mining farm in Toledo

Agents of the Spanish National Police dismantled this Friday, August 20, a Bitcoin mining farm located in a villa in the Yeles municipality, in Toledo, about 70 kilometers from Madrid.

At installation, Agents located 111 cryptocurrency mining rigs and sophisticated refrigeration and smoke extraction equipment, says a statement from the National Police.

“A woman has been identified as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of fraud of electricity, since she used an illegal connection to guarantee the maintenance of the installation,” says the statement.

The investigation began by detecting a high electricity consumption in the area of ​​the chalet and a thermal emission given off by the house, far superior to those typical of a family home, says the police office.

In addition to 111 Bitcoin mining equipment, the farm featured sophisticated cooling devices. Source: Youtube.

In this type of installation, profitability is subject to the use of reduced electricity prices. For this reason, the investigated woman used an illegal connection to the low voltage distribution network through a three-phase electrical connection with a high illegal consumption.

National Police of Spain.

Those responsible for the Bitcoin mining farm had installed cooling equipment and also thermal insulation panels on the walls. Apparently, those precautions were insufficient to avoid detection.

Cryptocurrency mining is legal in Spain, but it is not as widespread in this country, precisely because of the high costs of electricity.

It is not only in Spain that events of these characteristics occur. For example, CriptoNoticias reported another seizure of mining equipment, which occurred on August 18 in the state of Lara, in western Venezuela, although the investigations were aimed at dismantling a center for the illegal processing of toxic material. The operation initially aimed at combating environmental crimes, ended with the seizure of 28 Bitcoin mining equipment.

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