Police Headquarters Confirms: Safe Race Track for Grand Prix

This morning, inspection of the helicopter by the Chief of Police of Monza and Brianza, Marco Odoricio, confirmed the feasibility of using the sections of the park intended for racing.

This morning, Friday, August 18, at 11 o’clock, the quaestor of Monza and Brianza. Marco Odoriciotogether with the general manager of the circuit of Monza Alfred Skalaand COO of Sias Umberto Andreoletticonducted an aerial inspection of the area of ​​the Monza circuit with the help of a helicopter of the Second Flight Directorate of the State Police of Malpensa, in order to reconnoitre the security situation of the areas that will participate in the Italian Grand Prix. 2023, including due to weather damage at the end of July.

Positive intelligence result: it will be possible to go to the Autodrom for the Grand Prix

Based on the results of aerial reconnaissance, it was possible to ensure the safety of not only the territories overlooking the track, but also those that will be affected by the transit and the constancy of hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who will reach the Monza race track on the occasion of the next Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Good news for racing fans who will be able to come back this year and cheer for the team and their favorite drivers, as well as enjoy one of the sporting spectacles of the greatest beauty and world resonance.

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