Political class in Mexico hit by COVID-19: the officers of the 4T infected in the pandemic


This march 30, the Government of Mexico stated state of emergency at the national level by the thousand 94 cases of confirmed coronavirus, between them several officials of the Fourth Transformation have been infected with COVID-19. It comes from governors, deputies, former leaders of political parties and public prosecutors.

So far, the Secretariat of Health (SSa) at the federal level to posted more than a thousand confirmed diagnosis, in addition to 28 dead. Cases suspects amounted to two thousand 752 and the negative up to five thousand 635. Pointed out in a press conference that the fatality rate has begun to increase slightly in the country, so that it is necessary to begin to take extreme precautions and remain as much as possible inside the house.

Governors of three states have been diagnosed with the disease, these leaders lead the administration of the state of Querétaro, Tabasco and Hidalgo.

Francisco Dominguez Servién, is the current governor of Querétaro, and reported through social networks that began to have symptoms of the disease. He decided to seek the service of public health to perform the test relevant and tested positive for COVID-19.

He assured further that the state is ready to face the pandemictherefore we designed a plan for each one of the stages, and said he had left clear instructions for intencificar social distancing.

Due to this confirmation, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party (PAN), Mauricio Kuri González was put in voluntary isolation by the contact that he had in previous days with Dominguez Servién, despite not showing any symptoms.

A similar situation happened to the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, who reported that she had coronavirus and was in quarantine. Fayyad gave positive ten days after being with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in the conference morning on the occasion of the commemorative ceremony of the 82 Anniversary of the Expropriation of Oil, which took place in the main arena of the Pemex Administrative Centre in the City of Mexico.

Finally, the test, conducted by Adam Augusto López, the governor of Tabasco, yielded positive results. The president also reported about his condition and isolation by means of your Twitter account. He added that from his confinement he would be working for the state to overcome the crisis.

Deputies and secretary of Health

The Chamber of Deputies counts up the time with two cases of coronavirus one of the party Citizen Movement (MC) and the other Party’s social gathering.

Jorge Alcibiades Garcia, mp of MC of Baja California, has coronavirus and was placed in quarantine, in accordance with the party to which it belongs. Then the confirmation is asked to the officers who participated with him in the events with the deputy on the 18th and 19th of march to take precautionary measures.

Part of the Party of Social Encounter (PES), the mep Maria de Jesus Rosete was the one who proved positive for COVID-19. Currently, is in isolation and is being cared for by doctors.

This march 30, it was reported that Silvia Guillermina Roldán Fernández, secretary of Health of the state of Tabasco has coronavirusbut it is a patient asintómática and is detained in her home, reported during a press conference the undersecretary of the dependence, Leopoldo Gastélum Fernandez.

In addition, it was informed that it is spread by means of a co-worker who also has the disease, who in turn was infected by her partner.

The first death in the state of Guerrero was a former leader of the PRI

The businessman and former leader state of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Guerrero, José Luis Jaimes Altamirano, was the first victim in the state has died of the coronavirus COVID-19.

In a video posted on Twitter, reported that he had symptoms of the flu, so that would be put in quarantine according to the preventive measures of the SSa.

Cases in the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic

A prosecutor from the Specialized Unit in Investigation of the Crime of Torture also has coronavirusaccording to the newspaper Reform. This generated that 20 other officials with whom he had contact have been quarantined.

Started with sore throat on the 9th of march, why it took the test of COVID-19. About 48 hours after your test gave a positive result to the disease.

On the other hand, an agent of the Federal Public prosecutor’s office attached to the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic with a branch in Texcoco, State of Mexico, confirmed to have the disease. The staff working in that place is in quarantine, then that Omar Aguilar Hernández died on the 29th of march.

He was interned at the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) “Bicentennial of Independence” in Tultitlan, State of Mexico. Although the cause of death was atypical pneumonia, the public Prosecutor decided to send it to quarantine all of their workers.

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