Politics: The Commitment of Young Catholics. To earn trust, earn the trust of others.

What does being credible mean to young Catholics involved in politics today? This is the question, or rather, the provocation that we bring from the Palermo training school. Being trustworthy means earning the trust of others, it means demonstrating a lifestyle that is in line with reality, as well as daily commitment and the right amount of effort in all aspects of life. What can all this be transformed into in politics?

This, of course, cannot materialize into an ephemeral consensus., the result of social media and political election marketing campaigns, but must be translated into action that can impact everyday life. For this reason, we borrow the words of a young judge from Palermo killed by Cosa Nostra, Rosario Livatino, who said: “When we die, no one will come to ask us how faithful and trustworthy we were.” Keep in mind, being trustworthy means, as he also pointed out to us Don Antonio Coluccia, school guest, practice the three P rule “The Policy of Small Steps”. After these three intense days in Palermo, the trust in us, people under 35, can be nothing less than the willingness to make our concrete contribution to the next electoral task, in order to “adapt” and bring closer the European Union, the unique true container of the political future. our continent.

Trust is about offering and playing the game of trustworthy representation in accordance with the three needs of this time: humanity in relationships, insistence on what we believe and love in relation to others, and creativity, which are at the core of commitment Catholics in politics. At a time when politics and youth seem like two distant concepts and are often used only as mere election propaganda, we invite all of you, the readers, to consider that there is another way, another, more difficult, more tiring, but therefore more beautiful and more trustworthy.even for us believers.

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