Polres Gunungkidul Least, the production house Miras Oplosan made of Raw wood, glue, fertilizer, and insect repellent


TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, GUNUNGKIDUL – A house in the village of Sidorejo, Ponjong, Gunungkidul, a RAID by the police.

The reason, according to reports from local residents, the house as the place of manufacture of spirits (alcohol) be falsified.

Resnarkoba Polres Gunungkidul PPA Tri Wibowo, naked the RAID before stated was carried out on Friday (28/02/2020).

“We found a variety of materials and items used to make alcohol tampered with,” said Tri through a statement on Sunday (01/03/2020).

According to Tri, it is materials not commonly used in the manufacture of miras oplosan find.

Such materials are of Bozen-Bolzano wood, among other things, glue, NPK fertilizer, food flavors, liquid yellow, food flavors FRAM, an electric mosquito-killer.

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In addition to these materials, the police 3 canisters confiscated empty, 2 empty gallon, nine bottles of mineral water 1.5 liters empty teapot plastic, 13 empty bottles, up to 45 bottles gepengan empty.

Unfortunately, the owner of the house is the initials had not occupying the house. On the basis of the information of the citizens, – S, the left, allegedly, already in the house since last week.

“The rest of the miras oplosan not found, the Links are the ingredients and elements used to make it,” said Tri.

Tri said that it would do further investigation in connection with the discovery of these elements. S still pursues his whereabouts in this time. During the entire search of items seized by the police as evidence. (Tribunjogja/Alexander Ermando)