Pomelo Start the function store Directly


EXACTLY.CO Fashion-platform, Omni-channel Pomelo start the function Shop (any commercially available) by a content stream exclusively with one of the Actresses on the famous South-East Asia, Davika Hoorne.

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This function was created to improve the shopping experience on the application of the Pomelo, so that the customers can directly buy the product that is displayed when the session is live stream find click only once.

Features the following technology of Livestream which recently in the app Pomelo last month. Live stream created to the client with the experience of fashion deep.

The functions of each sale, customers receive the information and current offers of Pomelo through content that is entertaining and interactive.

Customers and fans get to know, Davika further during the session on Livestream, which will be held on March 18, 2020, at 19.30. The introduction of the exclusive, the customer, the interaction with Davika can language, about your favorite article in the case of the Pomelo, as well as the opportunity to purchase the item at this moment.

Pomelo is a session Livestream to hold each week with the title “Live On Pomelo”, which mark the various favorite styles, as well as the release of the latest collection of other. Properties that will be any purchasable available in the session livestreaming in the application Pomelo start date 18. March for iOS and Android.