Ponzio, the flag of the River de Gallardo

He is much more than an idol with a style different from that of the traditional heroes of the Band. Leonardo Ponzio He is the greatest symbol and the captain of the most glorious team in the history of River. The only player who was present throughout the eternal cycle of Marcelo Gallardo. It is the flag of an era.

Because, A fan who is usually very close to the squad approached River Camp to give the León a very special gift within hours of his possible return to 11 del Muñeco, this Thursday (at 9:30 p.m.) against Racing, and in the run-up to a record staff that seemed unreachable: If River is consecrated champion of the Professional League, the 39-year-old central midfielder will add his sixteenth Olympic round at the club and will reach the mark of Ángel Labruna, Ricardo Vaghi and Bruno Rodolfi, to become one of the four most winning footballers of all the times in the Millionaire, a mark that he could surpass in the still potential final against Colón for the Champions Cup.

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“Great Lion. If your gaze is fixed on the goal, you will never lose your way to reach it. Eternally thank you”, says the cloth that the fana Agustín Salinas designed to show him the love and gratitude of all the fans for Ponzio. “I was very nervous, because although I had already given him several gifts and also flags like Enzo Pérez, for me Leo is a very special person and I want to give a show of affection to the man who left everyone for the colors and try to ask him to continue six more months, we need him, ha “, Agustín tells Ole.

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The flag will have a timely premiere at the Monumental this Thursday. It was not planned. It just happened that way. Because the fan gave it to the captain on Tuesday and the footballer was delighted to see it hanging in the stands in the classic against Racing. What’s more, he would even take care of fulfilling that wish.. And it is not a coincidence or a demagogic impulse.

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Ponzio understands that he is facing a unique opportunity to enjoy his The last dance, the last great performance of his long and successful career in the eyes of more than 70,000 River fans. euphoric and excited in a decisive match. He is also aware that this chance fell from the sky for the dislocation of the left elbow suffered by Enzo Pérez against Platense, the suspension of Bruno Zuculini due to accumulation of yellows and the discharge of Felipe Peña.

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Two months after turning 40 (on January 29), days fromhis retirement that he already announced for this end of the year, despite the fact that his colleagues try to convince him to continue until June 2022. and with just 37 minutes this semester (distributed in five games) after suffering from Covid-19 and subsequent myocarditis, LP23 could enjoy a dream night with the shirt that changed his life and filled millions of River fans with happiness. In addition, with an image that represents the immense value of his figure flaming in the heart of the Monumental. And with a Gallardo who hardly allows himself to miss the possibility of paying the best tribute to his flag.

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