Pool Party: Essentials for a Successful Party

The temperature rises and the desire to stay cool increases; So, what can be better than a pool party with friends to have fun without getting bogged down by the heat?

After all, even celebs love to spend their summer days by the pool and often throw private parties Cold… in all sense.

video here pool party hosted by madonna To celebrate the birthdays of his two daughters, Stella and Estere, on August 22, 2022.

Another undisputed queen of the best pool parties is Taylor Swift, The popular singer is a true master of organizing pool parties so don’t forget to rent it for the occasion inflatables And mega slide for friends to enjoy.

How to Organize a Successful Pool Party

Without wanting to emulate celebrities, we can all throw a fun pool party that will pleasantly surprise our guests. Of course, the basic condition is a swimming pool. and if you don’t have it but you want to organize pool parties at all costs you still can rent it And look for a place that is easily accessible to all guests.

Of those supplements that really can’t miss the commode garden chairs, deck chairs and umbrellas, a gazebo for shelter Where else to settle from the sun snack And Inflatables of all shapes and sizes: From the most classic – donuts, flamingos, floating cushions – to the most extravagant mats to make the party more fun.

another major factor is music: You may decide to rent organize a live band, a DJ set; But if you’re not interested in live music, a good audio system is fine too – the better the better. waterproof — and a playlist designed for the occasion.

Food & Beverage

Usually many decide to indulge themselves on the classic barbecue. However, don’t forget that everyone takes a bath several times, so it’s Heavy meals are not recommended.

better bet Bountiful buffet of fresh food, finger foods, fruit cocktailsColorful straws in mason jars will be served with skewers of fresh fruit, which can also be enjoyed by the pool, and loads of ice cream.

Complete choose carefully establish and accessories like plates, glasses, and decorations, so no one is missed.

perfect cocktail

To beat the heat, but with flavor and plenty of freshness, microplaneA leading company in the world of graters suggests Raspberry and Ginger Cocktail: Not too alcoholic, sweet at just the right point and that provides a boost of energy to face even the longest pool parties.

how to make it? Component I am:

· snow

45 ml vodka

150 ml ginger beer

10 ml raspberry juice

Raspberries and ginger to garnish


Combine all ingredients and add ice. Garnish with whole raspberries and a few slices of grated ginger using Microplane’s Ginger Tool 3 in 1.

Serve and enjoy.

Below are a range of accessories and complements If you are looking to organize a pool party then this might be the right one for you… because nothing is improvised and nothing is missing when it comes to having fun and enjoying the fresh air.

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