Poor creatures! Defoe went to the undertaker

This year 2023 he will arrive in the cinema Poor creatures!New film Yorgos Lanthimos with the main characters Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe AND Rami Youssef. These last two wanted to talk to Empire project, explaining that they had to go to a funeral home.

We said to each other: “Mark (Ruffalo) will go to an accent lesson, Emma will go to dance, and then Willem and I will go for a walk with the undertaker, and we will meet again for lunch,” Youssef said. It looked like a college campus. Willem focused Very about how to learn to be a gravedigger.

Instead, Defoe talked about the unique experience of working on the production Lanthimos.

It’s a different relationship than you usually have with stage partners. – He said. You are very patient with everyone and everyone is patient with you. They need to be confident in what they are doing, because what we are doing is quite risky. This is not a normal movie.

Some time ago, Lanthimos, talking to The newspaper “New York Times this Poor creatures!told some of the film’s backstory, including the fact that Dafoe repeatedly asked Stone to slap him for a scene in which he doesn’t even appear on camera and therefore shouldn’t be there.

That’s what you want from actors,” Lanthimos said of Willem Dafoe staying on set even though he’s not on set. Wanting to be part of the film in any way.

There is an acting instinct that many actors have, a game that says, “Look at me, look at me!” Emma Stone added. Willem is the opposite. Perhaps this has changed over the years. A lot of the actors I’ve worked with have been doing this for a long time, they’ve gone from me to us.

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