Poor creatures! – The iconic image of Emma Stone was born by mistake

During a recent interview, Emma Stone revealed that a detail of her already iconic look in Poor Beasts! born by mistake. So let’s find out what it is.

Poor creatures!Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest work, hitting theaters from December 8th – in the US – will be in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2023. However, the first look at the project was presented by a surreal and colorful trailer. and a little bit advertising imageswho introduced new – and already iconic – Emma Stone look. In an interview given Total Film However, before the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the star reported that a small detail of his character was born almost by accident.

Poor creatures! and the accident that gave birth to the image of Emma Stone

Emma StoneV Poor creatures!actually appears with i very long hair, painted black. The choice of a look that is decidedly far from her iconic red – or, if necessary, blonde – hair was born, however, by mistake. In fact, Stone herself explained the origin of her atypical hair color during an interview with Total Film:

I remember dyeing my hair too dark. and we had to go with that color.

Thus, an error which, however, immediately convinced Yorgos Lanthimoswho decided to make this raven black one of the hallmarks of Bella Baxter, the character played by Emma Stone:

The idea was that she had to be ahead of her time (the film takes place in Victorian England), a little rebellious, but at the same time childish and natural. So we thought it was a great idea to have Emma dye her hair. Then she showed up with this jet black and I thought it was ok. The contrast with her very white skin was stunning.

Based on the novel by Alasdair Grey. The life and secrets of England’s first female doctor, Poor creatures! As mentioned, it follows the incredible adventure of Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) who died fleeing an abusive husband and was brought back to life by her father, Dr. Goldwyn Baxter (Willem Dafoe), a brilliant and unorthodox scientist—in the opening novel, Bella is brought back to life by the brain of her child. Eager to learn and lust for the worldly, Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo), an elegant and depraved lawyer, on a fast-paced adventure across continents. Carefree, capricious and completely free from the prejudices of her time, Bella decides to fight to protect equality and freedom. In addition to the names already mentioned, they complete the cast. Margaret Qualley, Jerrod Carmichael, Christopher Abbott and Katherine Hunter.

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