Pop singer Britney Spears focuses on positive affirmations

Pop icon Britney Spears expressed gratitude for many things in her life, including her friends as well as “self-love,” People reports.

She published a series of photos of herself and her friend. Spears wrote in the caption: “I’m in such a beautiful place! I am so lucky to have wonderful friends!!! Positive affirmations are important to me right now. I say this because I’m going through a divorce. It was not easy to reflect my past in a book. I take it one day and learn to breathe. Self-love is incredibly important!!! I woke up and just cried because I was grateful to be in such a beautiful place. Then I thought about my relationship with Instagram at the moment…it’s addicting!!!”

She continued, “But when you’re influenced by other opinions, that’s when people give up. When I’m sad, I look and see new apps and it makes me feel stupid. I was like, wow, this is cool! I see things brighter!!! What if we improve it?! I’m just trying to understand people who say they are not involved in this, but for some reason they are completely defensive – they blame it for what it is, and say that all the photos are fake!!! Nothing is real. Honestly, who cares? If you are so self-confident and perfect, why should you even care that someone is experimenting on their phone?! Why mention this if you are much better??? Notes??? Come on!!!”

She also mentioned a book she’s reading: “I’m reading a book called Freaks and it’s really cool because I see the blurred line between emotion and beauty. I know what it’s like to be demoralized and embarrassed. I am very sensitive and incredibly hard on myself. I have social anxiety and I do equine therapy with horses!!! The fact that someone would patronize people who don’t disgust me so much disgusts me, especially when the other side of the table is actually listening and nodding along as if it’s even a necessary topic. No one is probably reading this, but hopefully most people will understand where I’m coming from.”

Last month, a source told People magazine that Spears is “in great spirits despite everything going on” amid her divorce from Sam Asghari.

“Obviously it’s never easy, but she’s staying positive and focused on the future,” the insider added.

According to documents previously obtained by People, Asghari’s divorce filing lists irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce and lists July 28 as the date of separation.

For now, Spears is “focused on releasing her book, hosting an upcoming writers’ camp, and getting songs from some major artists,” the source also said. “Ideally, she would like to record a new record soon and perhaps a powerful song for a book release.” Spears will release her highly anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me, on October 24, People reports.

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