Pope cancels audience scheduled for Saturday due to mild flu

Pope Francis has canceled an audience scheduled for Saturday due to a mild case of the flu, according to the Holy See Press Office.
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Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo BruniIt was announced on Saturday morning that the papal audience that day would not take place.

“The Pope’s audience scheduled for this morning has been canceled due to a mild case of influenza,” read a statement issued to Holy See correspondents.

Temperatures have dropped in Rome and much of Italy in recent days, and seasonal illnesses such as influenza viruses have increased.

November is cold
In October, the pope also had a “slight cold” but his “activities continue as normal,” Bruni assured at the time after the pope assured members of his audience that his health was not good. Member of the European Rabbinic Conference.

In a tired voice, Francis explained that his health was not good and that he did not want to read the text of the speech he had prepared for a reception with European rabbis, but he did not interrupt the events on this morning’s agenda.

“Good morning, I say hello to you all and welcome you. Thank you for coming, I enjoy it very much, but it happens that I am not in good health, so I do not want to read the speech, but give it to you and ask you to accept it,” Francesco He said in a tired and hoarse voice at that time. +

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