Popular Nashville artist Chris Carmack gets ready for a concert in a new video ahead of his Reunion Tour.


  • Nashville star Chris Carmack is joining his former co-stars on a reunion tour, marking the first time in five years that the cast has played together.
  • Known for its gripping stories and stunning music, the TV series Nashville launched the actors’ successful careers and sold out theaters.
  • The reunion tour will include performances of songs from the series as well as new songs from each artist, with the first show taking place in Chicago on September 23.

Nashville star Chris Carmack is preparing to return to the music scene in a new video posted to Instagram ahead of the show’s reunion tour. The series, which aired first on ABC for four seasons and then two more on CMT from 2012 to 2018, launched the successful careers of several actor-musicians playing fictional characters who faced the pitfalls of the Tennessee country scene and sought to find balance. . family, creative struggle and personal relationships. American Horror Story’s Connie Britton and Scream 6’s Hayden Panettiere headline Nashville’s all-star cast, along with Claire Bowen, Eric Close, Charles Easten, Jonathan Jackson and Sam Palladio, among others.

Just over five years after the series ended, Palladio and Will Lexington actor Chris Carmack shared a video together on Instagram announcing the latter’s participation in a reunion tour in Nashville.

The funny video, as seen above, shows the actor who plays Gunnar, Palladio, calling the elderly Carmack about the concert and inviting him to join his former colleagues. The actor needs to be convinced to get off the couch and back into the concert spotlight, while Palladio reminds Carmack of the success he had as Will and encourages him to continue with a major change in appearance.

The new tour will be the first time the Nashville stars have played together in five years.

The show’s final tour concluded in March 2018 as a prelude to its final season. Nashville’s captivating stories, beloved characters and extraordinary music have garnered international acclaim and sold-out theatrical performances. The upcoming Monkeys-style reunion tour from screen to stage will feature the actors playing together for the first time since their farewell performance at the Grand Ole Opry, in keeping with the show’s title.

Each of the actors has progressed in the years since leaving Nashville, including Will Chase, who recently appeared in Tom Holland’s controversial Apple TV+ series Crowded Room, and Odessa A’Zion, a newcomer who later starred in Raiser. hell” 2022. as a launching pad for new talent, and the stars’ reunion after half a century is already shaping up to be another exciting adventure for the show’s passionate fans who helped it survive when CMT picked it up.

The first show will take place on September 23 in Chicago, and during the reunion tour in Nashville, Bowen, Esten, Jackson and Palladio will take the stage to sing some of the show’s songs, as well as new songs from each artist, with Carmack joining the first show . The rest of the quartet will head to the US and UK later this year to do what they do best: sing and play together.

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