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Popular Pokimane says she is “exhausted” and “gives up”

Pokimane She recently posted a video on her secondary account in which she talks about the pressures of being a top Twitch streamer, and how she feels like she should always be working on something. In the video, he expresses that he feels “exhausted, differently from how I have felt exhausted in the past“.

In the video, Pokimane also says: “I’m just doing a lot of things that I’m not excited about … I’m a fucking mess. I always do things that I feel like I should do. All these years, I have lived my life and framed it in such a way that I avoid having regrets. But avoiding regret does not mean that you are pursuing what you want. They are two very, very different things“.

Why do I have seven figures in my bank account? To feel like a slave to what I am expected to do or to the capitalist idea of ​​making as much money as possible? I don’t want this to be my norm“.

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Later in the video, Pokimane She expresses that she feels more positive about the situation due to the response from fans, but a recent Tweet from the streamer has started to worry her community again. In the tweet, Pokimane said: “this has been a week of constant disappointment, and as someone who prides himself on being perpetually optimistic, I must admit: I give up“.

Later, after fans started to worry, he posted another tweet: “I appreciate the kind words, friends! I’ll be fine, I just need to re-prioritize my life and figure out a few things. I will do everything I can, as I would like all of you to do in difficult times“Although it seems that Pokimane you’re struggling with the stress of constant streaming, you’re still on your regular schedule at the time of writing this article.

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