Portrait of Elly rejected, a claim that is More Dazzling, Claims to Want to be Nice, because don’t Want to Denigrate Other


TRIBUNSOLO.COM – Do not want, their performance is always underestimated, Elly has rejected a claim always pay attention to his appearance.

The mother of the # Ha! Damayanti was, cutting the teeth, as his teeth, which was originally developed, and to be weak, neat.

It was in December 2019 before.

After the smoothing between the teeth clearly visible difference in the teeth of a former close friend Irfan Sbaztian this.

Dental Elly more neatly and tightly.

Probably now looks more white.

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It is still not known Veneer teeth is whether or not Elly do.

Veneers is a cosmetic procedure by the dentist, you can correct the color, shape and position of the teeth, and repair teeth that chipped are.

After the smoothing of your teeth, Elly more looks now, self-confidence.

Look how he always smiles, shows the appearance of the teeth, the latest.