Portugal beat Luxembourg 9-0 without Ronaldo: Unexpected reaction of losing coach after eighth goal

The playoffs are about to enter the next game European Cup They continued to move at a frantic pace. In the most notable meeting of the day, Portugal Make history by crushing 9-0 to Luxembourg Establish yourself at the top of the industry Group J achieved ideal results and created unprecedented records, because combined Lusitania He has never scored nine goals in an official match.

The cast is led by a Spaniard Roberto Martinez Performed as a guest performer in the game corresponding to Game 6 Algarve Stadium. Goncalo Inaciotwice, Bruno Fernandez, Diogo Jotaalso appeared many times, Goncalo Ramoswho excelled in doubles, Joao Felix and Roberto Horta was the instigator of this shocking and humiliating victory as, in the local team’s eighth win, the visiting coach Luke Holtz He decided to leave the bench before the end of the game and withdraw from proceedings.

The strategist cannot bear the humiliation. Portugal He scored his eighth goal and went straight into the dressing room. Regretting his unprofessional attitude, he decided to return to the game. When his opponent returned, he greeted him with a ninth.Another curiosity is supported Cristiano Ronaldo absentThe Portugal national team legend is off the strategist’s wage list after the former Real Madrid player decided to continue his football career. Saudi Arabia.

Luxembourg drop Dt in unfavorable match against Portugal

and 18 units, Portugal He leads his region and is getting closer to qualifying for the continental competition.Their escort was Slovakia and they were in victory 3 to 0 relatively liechtenstein inside teherne golf club let him realize it 13 points This led him to dream of finishing second and competing in the most coveted tournament in the world. old world. David Hanke, Ondrej Duda and McRobert Led the team to score goals pie.

in another game Group J, Iceland is imposed by the slightest difference Bosnia Cry of thanks Alfred Finbogasonbut the Scandinavians are still far from what they achieved in Europe 2018 world cupbecause their 6 units After six presentations they gave, this was a very low score.

For its part, there are also activities Group DWhere Croatia Reached the top by a narrow margin Armenia.The goal is Andre Kramarik Balkan team seals victory and advances 10 units and share the best locations with Türkiyealthough the team Zlatko Dalic He missed one game.The play aired on Armenia Football Academy Argentina exists, given that Lucas Serarayan He is a starter for the local team Norberto Briasco Enter the plugin.

Finally, in the same area, Welsh beat 2-0 to Latvia inside sconto stadium due to target Aaron Ramsey and David Brooks. Area table remains Croatia and Türkiye At the top, it’s all 10, followed by Armenia and Welsh (both with 7 units), Latvia ranks at the bottom with no points.

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