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Pose Mia Khalifa as a professional dressed in lavender

From moving to recording films for adults to pose for major brands the flirtatated Mia Khalifa has dazzled her fans with her new content.

For a couple of months he has been giving us some flirtaking images in collaboration with major clothing brands.

This time this flirtaking actress and celebrity decided to give us a little of one of his most recent sessions.

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Wearing a fairly wide and narrow suit only of some parts, Mia Khalifa she has posed as an important American model, although she is originally from Beirut, Lebanon.

Whether it’s on her Instagram stories or in her feed, the model and also an entrepreneur brags about some of her job when posing, it’s definitely something she really enjoys doing.

On this occasion she was wearing a lavender suit with wide trousers, which surely fascinates her, she admitted that she loves flared pants and this one came perfect to her.

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The top of her suit was crossed and also the sleeves like the bottom piece were wide, she looked like a powerful ninja in color lavender, Khalifa was posing with her legs bent and a little open as if she were doing a Kata or karate pose.

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