Post-90s model and Lotocki patient Raquel Mancini’s health is worrying

recently deceased Silvina Luna history revealed again Raquelwho is also a patient of the doctor Hannibal Lotocki. Although she has not filed medical negligence charges, a peaceful demonstration will be held in front of the doctor’s residence on Wednesday to seek justice for the victim who died after the operation.

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According to the reporter’s understanding Brito Angelin the program them of USA, Rachel Mancini You are going through a difficult time in your life, not only because of the health problems you are facing, but also because of financial difficulties. He currently lives with his mother and brother as he does not have a place of his own. Debrito “He lived with his mother and brother because he had nowhere else to live,” he mentioned.


At LAM, they talked about former top model Raquel Mancini's gift.

At LAM, they talked about former top model Raquel Mancini’s gift.

There has been speculation that during his booming career, he allegedly indulged in cosmetic surgery, which could have contributed to his health problems. However, Rachel Mancini clarified in the interview Telenoche (thirteen) He is in good health despite having contracted pneumonia a few months ago.

In addition, he explained the reason for the move with his family, emphasizing that he was taking care of his 85-year-old mother, who was in poor health after a fall. Raquel He expressed his commitment to be with his mother during this difficult time, denied he was in a precarious situation and made sure he lived like everyone else in the country.

It is important to remember that last March, Rachel Mancini Attention was drawn when she contracted pneumonia and was taken to hospital city ​​of buenos aires. The family requested that his medical details not be released, but he is reportedly recovering.


Raquel Mancini and Anibal Lotocki.

Raquel Mancini and Anibal Lotocki.

reporter Karina Avicoli Provides more information about status RaquelPoint out that she has been in poor health for some time and that the family is concerned about her health. According to the testimony of one of his brothers, Louishe was the one who found her in her apartment after she decompensated.

Rachel Mancini He has been using a walker to walk the streets because of his health problems, which his brother said were severe. However, AugustHer other brother, who didn’t understand her insistence on coming to the doctor’s office, kept her distance. Dr Lotocki. Although he wasn’t sure if his own health issues had anything to do with it, his brother distanced him because of his frustration with the situation.

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