Post-summer acne? Yes, everything seems to be going well, even great, and the skin is healthy. There’s no trace of the persistent acne that bothers you year-round, but once you’re back and away from the sun and beach days, it shows up again.

There’s no doubt that summer is acne-prone skin’s favorite time of year. Carmen Navarro reminds us that there are several reasons. First, the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and drying effects of sunlight. It can improve acne, but be careful! This is only a temporary effect. If we add to this that tan tones hide skin blemishes and lesions, the result is a curtain effect that prevents us from seeing their true condition. In addition, the outer stratum corneum thickens, which causes blockage, and we add other external factors such as sweat, humidity, overcooking…which do nothing but increase acne breakouts after summer vacation.

Post-summer acne isn’t just a teen problem

In fact, September is filled with inquiries from patients ages 30 and older suffering from adult acne.

How can we avoid it?

  1. Uneasy facial routine. Summer is not worth relaxing. This is one of the mistakes that prevents us from keeping our skin healthy. For acne-prone skin, it’s also key to use a sunscreen based on a lightweight lotion or even a non-greasy gel. Another most common mistake is using makeup that is too occlusive or inappropriate. If we leave behind waste, dead cells, toxins, bacteria will find their best breeding ground. Let’s not forget that tobacco doesn’t help either. This stress is the cause of many post-summer acne breakouts.
  1. Importantly, stay hydrated. If this is not done, the skin will protect itself by producing more lipids. All we have to do is use certain cosmetics. They will be responsible for balancing the sebaceous glands. At the same time, they will provide us with moisture and create moisture reserves in the skin. This way we are able to maintain optimal hydration levels. Hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, wheatgerm oil… help achieve this goal by helping to prevent new acne breakouts. It’s designed to reduce inflammation and matte oily skin without leaving it dehydrated. I recommend epidermal growth factor. Its primary goal is to increase collagen and elastin synthesis and provide firmness. These proteins are responsible for stimulating metabolic processes that regenerate and repair our tissues. Don’t forget to add vitamin C, its skin-brightening and antioxidant properties are key. It will provide your face with the light it needs.

Acne Problems Can Be Solved

3. Restore good table habits. Avoid spicy foods to avoid increased sweating, and carbonated drinks and sweetened juices. There are also theories reminding us that excess caffeine can worsen acne by stimulating sebum production.

  1. Do not touch!, you should never handle grains and should instead use the treatment prescribed for you. If guidelines are not followed, acne outbreaks may worsen rather than alleviate.Let us not forget that it also affects self-esteem and Social connections, this is a good reason to see a specialist. In some cases, they can even be internal pimples that are painful or even cause external burns. You can’t help but touch them when they’re hurt, which is something you should always avoid. What we need is to balance and restore the area to get it under control.
  1. Make an appointment at the beauty center. Don’t be careless, come as soon as you get back. There are countless options available to maximize individualized treatment. Pulsed light therapy works extremely well. return…
    Neoderm When an acne outbreak is active. This is a deep professional cleanse that removes blackheads and acne and uses Neoderma beauty herbs to exfoliate naturally. Also equipped with blue LED light (antibacterial) and soothing mask. Physiological changes in the epidermis accelerate, Peeling It works from the inside out. Contains natural extracts of plants, algae and herbs to improve circulation and stimulate cell renewal. Balances oily skin and reduces acne, redness, enlarged pores, pimples and wrinkles. It is recommended to do it 1 to 2 times a week, and the results will be seen from the first treatment. We manage to rebalance, reduce breakouts and open pores. €150 Course 914455256
    Once overcome, we recommend Beoxy for the purpose of recovery and regeneration. This is a regenerative facial that hydrates and revitalizes the skin after the experience, leaving us with maximum relaxation.Oxygen is the protagonist, managing to biologically reshape the face, defining every feature and deeply penetrating Oxy Plus, a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E and F, squalane, soy and quinoa. Radiofrequency, ultrasound and alternating current combined with LED lights will maximize personalized treatment that emphasizes the desired goal, in this case, controlling acne breakouts.The culminating moment was when the dome provided 95% oxygen, combined with music therapy and LED lights, taking us to the maximum disconnection time.Price per session: €155