“Postpartum depression won’t be with me”

think it’s gastritisBut today she held a beautiful baby in her arms. Silvana Torres admitted after birth JavierraOn August 16, annoying pregnancy ailments were all solved to be replaced For the joy of embracing girls.

“it better one To be pregnant is to have my daughter with me, to love her, to know that she is born healthy, and that she is about to be born to unite It’s more like family,” he said additional La Veneno is still in the hospital, and she’s in the hospital as if nothing happened. Caesarean section.

Silvana Torres

Even It Hurts: ‘My Girl, I Love You’, Here’s How Silvana Torres Treats Her Daughter

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new member of the family santa maria torres Born Wednesday at 07:51, weighing almost 6 lbs and measuring 49 cm.

“The moment they put her in my arms magic“,express.

As happy as she is now, she admits she feels scared. “I was terrified because I wondered: ‘What would it be like to have another child, would there be the same love? Would the love divide or multiply? But now I know I know take in an impressive way. “

Silvana Torres

Silvana ‘La Veneno’ Torres gives birth, girl is normal weight and height

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poison make sure His eldest son Lucas received his sister with great love and patience.

“The first day she came to see her, she told me to let her carry it, and I carried it all the time. The funniest thing was when he said Javier Lukis“.

and xavier santa mariaHer husband explained that they had been working for months Prepare develop affection for the child.

Silvana Torres

Silvana Torres gets ready for Xaviera’s birth

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“We told him about his sister and he was told she ask came into this world for him, so we achieved like“.

in these times when depressed It’s the order of the day, and even more so when you’re pregnant, and Silvana assures her that’s not the case. “That for me this won’t happen to me Because I am strong, I am surrounded by love.always with God First of all, so no postpartum depression. “


Silvana Torres hospitalized urgently: Learn more about her condition

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Another thing she clarified disagreed with was to stop breastfeeding to your baby.i produce a lot colostrum And feed him all the time; it’s crucial to their defense for the first few days”.

By November, three months into her pregnancy, she said she would be struggling at work again, even though her motherhood responsibilities were no longer one but two. “Children are not a weakness, they are strength“, precise.

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