Poultry farmers | They warn of influx of smuggled eggs from Ecuador and Bolivia | Peru

Mass entry into Peru Egg Prohibited goods from Bolivia and Ecuador warn Southern Poultry Producers Association (Avisur) and Northern Egg Producers Association (Aprohnor).

The association said the situation endangered national industry and created public health concerns due to the possible entry of bird flu.

They estimate that the number of these eggs for human consumption amounts to 3.6 million per week, entering by road with no enhanced customs controls.

“Peruvians face a public health danger because eggs are smuggled from Bolivia and Ecuador without sanitation controls and can lead to diseases such as bird flu.”They stress.

This year, the government has had to import eggs from Brazil because of a supply contraction caused by bird flu and a shortage of food for the birds.

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recent Minister of Agricultural Development and Irrigation, Nelly Wall, He asserted that eggs imported from Brazil played a role.He also said he brought Egg Chicken meat is now being produced, which allows Peruvians to safely get the highest protein, which is chicken.

“Our thinking is that the egg supply will be normalized each month until full stabilization is achieved, which will depend on a number of factors, but we hope everything will be normalized by September.”he mentioned.

Furthermore, it shows that this regularization is transferred to Chicken and Egg Prices

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